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Our Services
We have expertise in the following area:-
⇒ Total consultancy on drinking water management system.
⇒ Water purification by reverse osmosis technology and RO plants maintenance.
⇒ Water softening systems.
⇒ Water treatment plant. STP, ETP, WTP
⇒ Ultra filtration plants.
⇒ Activated carbon filtration.
⇒ All auxiliaries like filter media, chemical, dosing systems, high pressure pump.
⇒ Electrical works of repairing electrical panel
⇒ Other electrical related works

VODATECH provides a full range of water treatment technologies for most industrial, commercial and multiple applications.

Sectors served includes:-
⇒ Households
⇒ Universities
⇒ Hospitals
⇒ Hotels
⇒ Industries
Our Clients
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